Decatur County Courthouse

Originally built in the 1850s, the Decatur County Courthouse’s facade has been restored numerous times over the years. However, the county called on BAMR’s expertise when it came time to restore the courthouse’s limestone, as it has never been touched from its original build.

BAMR restored all of the limestone on the original structure, including tuckponting, re-surfacing, and washing the stone to bring it back to its former glory. Many areas of decorative stone were also removed and replaced due to 150 years of weathering.

Known and loved for the tree growing out of the tower’s roof bell, extreme logistical precision was taken to safeguard the well-known courthouse. As a part of this process, BAMR installed reinforcing steel straps to create a protective lattice around the bell tower roof in an attempt to limit the amount of movement in the roof structure due to the tree roots.


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