Roof Anchors

BAMR recognizes that no two buildings are the same and pays special attention to these distinctions when planning for success. This particularly holds true when coordinating each project’s unique safety needs in effort to conform with current OSHA rules and regulations. Whether it’s suspended scaffolding, fall protection equipment, or ensuring safe conditions for window washers, roof anchors are the first item of business on our team’s to-do list.

Per OSHA regulation, all building owners must provide documentation that indicates their roof anchors are tested and capable of supporting 5,000 pounds. Our team is well-versed with these regulations, and can be trusted to procure these systems. But our capabilities don’t start and end with procuring them. BAMR also specializes in developing and fabricating custom anchors, off-site, for projects. After thorough investigation, literally from top to bottom, the BAMR team carefully installs the roof anchors in a timely fashion so engineers can then load test them, ensuring building owners protect everything under their roof.

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