Hard Rock Hotel Chicago

Severe Water Infiltration at the buildings corners, shelf angles, and window locations led to the following issues:

  • Interior damage to the structural steel elements
  • Cracking and spalling of the decorative terra cotta pieces
  • Cracking and spalling of the brick masonry
  • Loss of adhesion on the sealant joints

BAMR completed the following repairs throughout the building’s facade:

  • Removal and replacement of window perimeter sealant
  • Rout and seal of masonry using sealant
  • Removal and replacement of decorative terra cotta units with new stainless steel anchorage
  • Cleaning, painting and replacement of corroded steel support members
  • Grinding and tuckpointing of masonry joints


Hard Rock Hotel Chicago

Architect / Engineer

McGuire Igleski & Associates (Architect) / Eskenazi, Farrell, Fodor (Engineer)


Restoration Contractor


Chicago, IL


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