LaSalle Bank Theater

Water infiltration and building movement caused the following problems:

  • Open and cracked mortar joints in the terra cotta
  • Spalling and missing terra cotta pieces
  • Corrosion of underlying structural steel anchors and elements
  • Failure of adhesion at sealant joints

BAMR restored the terra cotta façade on all four elevations of the building as follows:

  • New and salvaged terra cotta pieces were reinstalled with stainless steel anchorage
  • Grinding and tuckpointing of masonry joints
  • Replacement of sealant at sky joints and window perimeters
  • Replacement, cleaning and painting of structural steel elements


Monroe Presentations, LLC

Architect / Engineer

Koenigsberg Associates


Restoration Contractor


Chicago, IL


Sealant Repairs


CommercialHistorical Landmarks