Northeastern Illinois University CCICS Building

The structure’s north elevation masonry parapet wall and cornice was severely deteriorated which led to the following:

  • Spalling brick masonry on the outer wythe of the masonry parapet wall
  • Shifting of brick masonry in the decorative cornice
  • Cracked, open, and deteriorated mortar joints in the brick masonry, both on the inner and outer parapet wall
  • Shifting of coping stones and open sealant joints
  • Open sealant joints in the counter-flashing and roofing at the interior of the parapet wall

BAMR addressed the damaged structure by reconstructing it in its entirety including:

  • Five wythes of masonry were demolished and reconstructed
  • Masonry cornice was reconstructed in its original pattern
  • New thru-wall flashings at coping stones were installed
  • New stainless steel masonry anchors were used to anchor the brick and copings
  • New sealant were installed at all skyward facing joints
  • New counter-flashing, roofing, and sealant were installed at the backside of the parapet wall


Northeastern Illinois University

Architect / Engineer

Klein & Hoffman, Inc.


Restoration Contractor


Chicago, IL