St. Charles Wall and Plaza

Over 80 years of constant exposure to water flow led to the following issues:

  • Missing or spalling lannon stone on the vertical face of the river wall
  • Deteriorated mortar joints
  • Missing or spalling limestone at the parapet wall atop the river wall and plaza
  • Open and missing sealant joints
  • Inactivity of the stone fountains on the river wall
  • Organic/bio-growth on the surface of the stone walls

BAMR erected scaffolding on the west and north elevations to complete the following repairs:

  • Salvaged and replaced the historical lannon stone
  • Reconstructed the existing lannon stone fountains on the river wall for proper usage
  • Salvaged and replaced the historical limestone parapet wall
  • Installation of new stainless anchorage and bent plates for support
  • Salvaged and replace all decorative/ornamental limestone at plaza level


City of St. Charles

Architect / Engineer

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.


Restoration Contractor


St. Charles, IL


Limestone Restoration


Historical LandmarksMunicipal