The Monroe Building

Building compression, environmental conditions and steel corrosion led to the following:

  • Deteriorated or cracked mortar joints
  • Missing decorative/ornamental terra cotta units
  • Spalling and cracking of terra cotta pieces caused by compression and steel corrosion
  • Carbon/environmental contaminants on building facade

BAMR erected mast climbers on all elevations of the building to complete the following repairs:

  • Grind and tuckpoint mortar joints on north, east, west elevations
  • Installation of new non-corrosive steel anchors
  • Replaced damaged and missing terra cotta pieces matching form, texture and colors
  • Restoration cleaning of masonry facade


J.J. Arnaco

Project Size

16-story high-rise

Architect / Engineer

Holabird & Root


Restoration Contractor


Chicago, IL


Restoration CleaningTerra Cotta Restoration


CommercialHistorical Landmarks