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The Excitement is Building: Headquarter Highlights

Bulley & Andrews Signed Beam

A beam signed by B&A employees was recently installed in the new headquarters building.

Winters in Chicago can be challenging to say the least, yet Bulley & Andrews has continued to make progress on construction of their new headquarters with the completion of the building’s super structure.

Steel tradesmen recently finished detailing the beams and columns, including welding and bolting the steel together. Literally putting their mark on the new headquarters, B&A employees signed one of the construction beams used in the new building. The beam was installed in the building’s fourth floor.

The B&A project team is also focusing on completing the building’s metal decking. Concrete will be poured over the decking to create each floor’s structure. Eighty-one cubic yards of concrete were brought in by 10 concrete trucks to fill the basement’s floor; even more is needed to complete the floors above.

Once the team finishes the metal decking and concrete pouring processes, the precast panels will be set, forming the headquarters’ facade.